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The smarter approach to summer sales

Welcome to the fastest growing pest control company in the United States! We are the premier opportunity for college students. Learn how our four-month summer job can help you graduate debt free, build your resume, and grow into a future leader. For some of you, Aptive won't just be a summer job; it will be a long-term career with huge equity opportunities available.

Our summer program boasts the highest sales averages in the pest control industry and we'll prove it. Simply click on our brochure and video links to learn how our sales reps sell the most in the industry (we'll prove it!). Find out how sales reps who came over from other pest control companies sold 60% more than with their previous summer program. Also, learn how sales reps that came over from alarms sold 250% more than with their previous home security systems company and 100% more than their previous satellite company.

Having established a higher standard, we are changing the way people think about summer sales. If you are looking for results, and are ready to join a company that promotes high-ethical standards, your search is over!

Contact us today and give yourself a true financial head start into your adult life.

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Pest Control vs. Aptive

Reps see a 60% improvement in sales compared to other pest control companies


Alarms vs. Aptive

For every 1 alarm sale, Aptive reps close 3.5 sales


Satellite vs. Aptive

For every 1 satellite sale, Aptive reps close 2 sales


Alarms vs. Aptive

96% of reps that switch to Aptive, stick with Aptive

Fastest growing pest control service company in the world!

Tens of millions in equity to be paid out to reps

Top 20 reps averaged 580 in 2018


Video Training

33 Vids

Training Manual

151 PGS

Team Leader Avg

355 AVG


2018 Projected Accounts

36 Branches


2019 Projected Accounts

39 Branches


2020 Projected Accounts

42 Branches